Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First Day of a New Routine!

So, it's 11.30am on a Tuesday and I am sat writing my second blog post.  Today is the start of our new family routine because it was the first day back at nursery for the Monster.  My OH has been back at work for a week now after the festive period and paternity leave (he used holidays because paternity pay is rubbish).

I admit I was very worried about how this morning was going to go down.  Firstly I didn't think I'd be able to drag myself out of bed as Bruiser is doing mammoth feeding sessions every night (feeding from 8pm-11pm non stop most nights).  Secondly I didn't think we'd make it out the house in sufficient time and thirdly I thought the Monster would kick off big style when it came to me leaving her at nursery.

I can confirm that I woke up with OH's alarm, fed Bruiser and put him back in the cot, woke up the Monster and whilst she was having breakfast with OH I had a wash and got dressed, got the Monster dressed, packed up the bags, packed up Bruiser and was out the house only 10 mins later than what I'd intended.  The Monster was quite happy being left at nursery (I think she'd missed her friends and mum's company just wasn't cutting it anymore) and I had a nice stroll home whilst chatting to a girlfriend about the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding.

I'm now sat watching This Morning (love Hollie Willoughby and the Silver Fox), having just fed Bruiser (and had him puke down my cleavage) and typing this blog.  You'll discover that I normally do 3 things at once, this being a skill I picked up when the Monster was a baby.  I'm also waiting for my mum to arrive as she's visiting for the day having not seen us since Christmas.  We then plan on taking advantage of Bruiser being little and we're going out for lunch and I plan on raiding every charity shop in Harrogate as I haven't been in them for ages.

Ok, so I'm going to sign off as mother has just arrived and is about to start crying at how much Bruiser has changed since she last saw him..............I will post and let you know of any purchases made!

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  1. I think 10 minutes late for a first day was a brilliant result. Weren't those naughty chips the best ever? Yummy!

    Love You
    Mum Xx