Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year New You!

Hello there strangers!  Well it's been bloody ages since I last wrote a blog and boy have I missed it.  Unfortunately returning to both jobs after being on maternity leave coupled with looking after a 5 year old and a 1 year old doesn't really leave much time to do anything else except feed ourselves and keep the dirt level to just acceptable.

So, what better time and way to restart the old blogging lark than on the 1st day of the 1st month of 2013 and with my first blog post being my New Years Resolutions.  I have to admit, I am a tad weary about committing resolutions to paper (I am constantly re-writing to-do lists so that they look better) let alone putting them out there on t'internet but I thought, what the hell so here goes!

1)  To try to blog regularly. 

I am not committing to a set amount each month and lets be truthful....at the moment the only person who really reads my blog is my mum but I enjoy writing on my blog.  I find it therapeutic and I like being able to document certain things that happen in my life rather than them getting lost on a time line etc.

2) Reduce my work hours. 

I currently have two part-time jobs.  I work Mon-Fri 8.30am-12.30pm in a local secondary school and I thoroughly love this job and the people I work with.  I also work Wed-Fri 6pm-10pm and most Sundays 4pm-8pm in a well known Supermarket.  This job I don't enjoy so much but I remind myself regularly that there are lots of people out there without jobs so I am very lucky to have two.  However, if there are any mums reading this post right now and thinking "hey, she has a 1 year old who must be in childcare and a 5 year old who must be in primary school...that doesn't leave a lot of time in between drop-offs and pick-ups" well, you'd be absolutely correct!  So, I plan on having a little chin wag with my boss and seeing if I can drop some hours.  I let you know how these conversations go on!

3) Read more. 

At the moment I struggle to read my monthly copy of Mollie Makes before the next is delivered and my lovely Mum subscribed me to Pretty Nostalgia for my Christmas present this year so I need to get this under control.  I also plan on getting back on track with reading proper books again.  I may need to invest in a book light as most of my reading could be done whilst feeding my son.  I am hoping that resolution number 2 will assist in this!


4) Make an item of clothing.

I love to craft.  I love to sew but I have never made an item of clothing and this year I will.  Whether it be something for my daughter or son or myself I WILL make something this year!

5) Trust my own instincts and choices when it comes to parenting. 

This is a major battle I have had with myself since having my son in 2011.  I had no confidence at all in my parenting skills when I had my daughter in 2007.  A stressful birth followed by lack of support from health care professionals led to her refusing breastfeeding which definitely affected our bond.  Not having a support network of like-minded mummies around me left me following the "norm" with *whispers* controlled crying and self settling.  The worst things I could have done in my opinion. 

This time round I have breastfed my son, co-slept with him, refused to allow him to cry when all I need to do is pick him up and give him a cuddle.  I joined my local La Leche League before my son was born and received the most amazing support from the lovely ladies there.  I started following the amazing Lulastic and the hippyshake who is brilliant for anything activist/attached parenting/breastfeeding/general making the world a better place for our children....I could go on.  I also made some like minded friends and consequently joined a brilliant support group called Harrogate Instinctive Parenting Group on Facebook which was created to help support local mum's who wanted to follow their natural nurturing instincts and not be told to "give them a bottle" "leave them to cry, it did mine no harm" "you're making a rod for your own back".  The support I receive from my new friends is invaluable because when the "norm" is getting comments like the ones above you start to question what you are doing.  These magnificent mummies (and some daddies) are always there to remind me to trust in my own choices and ignore the negative voices. 

So for all you who don't like it....I breastfeed my 1 year old son and I don't think he plans on stopping anytime soon.  My son sleeps with my husband and I.  It is the only way I can get a decent enough nights sleep in to do 2 jobs, along with looking after 2 children and a house.  It might not work for you but it works for me and my husband.

And finally.....

6) To remember (and be prepared for in advance) people's birthdays!!!!!!

And that concludes the resolutions for this year I think.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year! x x x x


  1. Hi Baby, I've finally found a little time ...... during which I can stay awake, lol! ....... for a blog hop. First one since before Christmas, yikes!

    I haven't made any resolutions for this year at all because I can't ever remember keeping one in previous years. I hope you are more successful!

    I love the graphics you have found to illustrate this post although having watched you hoovering yesterday I think the picture in this post is a bit idealistic, lol! Charlie sitting in a high chair like that is a pipedream, Ha Ha! I thought having Snoopy barking at me and bringing his toys to play was bad enough but it's peanuts to having Charlie 'helping' you and Tink attacking the hoover ;D.

    I'm sure you know I find it hard to accept 100% some of the methods of child care you follow but I respect your right to bring up your children as you see fit and more importantly in a way that works for you. All caring, conscientious parents do what they think is the best at the time. There are so many things you do so much better than I did so carry on my love. One thing I will say is I really admire your tenacity at sticking to the breast feeding in the beginning when it wasn't easy making it work and I also admire the time you make for activities, etc., with your children when time is the thing you are most short of.

    I'm so proud of you Baby!

    Big Hugs

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