Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Visit to Ripon

On Tuesday I had a little trip to Ripon.  It was actually a trip to Ripon Community Hospital to take The Monster for an eye test (luckily her eyes are fine).  Visiting the hospital itself was an experience.  It is straight out of the 1900's and very quiet inside.  Not like most hospitals these days.  My mum (bless her) came along to look after Bruiser whilst I was in the appointment with The Monster.

Anyhow, after our little outing to the hospital we took a little walk into Ripon Town Centre, we had a wander to the Cathedral and then took The Monster to the park for a short while.  We then went for an early lunch (as we were starving and freezing) at a little Tea Room called Morgans.  Mum and The Monster had cheese on toast with bacon which was lovely and I had prawn sandwiches.  I had a lovely pot of Taylors Tea and mum had a nice cup of Taylors freshly brewed filter coffee with cream.  After our lunch we spotted the homemade cakes behind the counter!  I haven't mentioned this before but mum and I have a little addiction to coffee cake.  So much so that we have set ourselves the challenge of finding the perfect coffee cake.  Of course that involves sampling each cake we come across!!  However it was a little early for cake so we decided to take a piece out.  The staff at Morgans were very friendly and were only too happy to wrap a piece up in foil (as they don't actually do takeaways) for us.  The price was also very very reasonable and mum had to ask if they'd remembered to charge us for everything!  On sampling the cake it was lovely but the coffee flavour was not strong enough for my liking so the hunt goes on.

One of the other things I liked about Morgans was the fact that I breast fed The Monster whilst in there and was not made to feel uncomfortable.  Don't get me wrong, I do try to be very discreet but sometimes a nipple pops out here or there..............  Anyhow, the tea room soon filled up with regulars and I was worried someone would disapprove but there were no funny looks or comments so it was all good.

After our lunch we went for a look round and chanced upon a charity shop and found some bargains.

I spotted these building blocks.

Whenever I've seen any before there have only been a few blocks in a box but this is almost a complete set and was only £2.99.

The Monster picked an old Thomas the Tank Engine book and mum picked up the most beautifully illustrated book of poems that was in fantastic condition. (Such a shame I didn't get a picture of it).

Well, I was very pleased with our little trip but both me and the mum commented on how quiet it was in the town.  Lets hope it was because of the freezing temperature and not the economic climate.................

Today I managed a quick peek in my local charity shop before picking The Monster up from nursery and found this..........

Not the height of fashion but it's in really good condition and I think it's really pretty.  Also, it was only £1. Bargain!


  1. Hi Sweetie, I have to say that was the most pleasant hospital visit I've ever been to (beats the one I did today :0( !). Little Bruiser was sooo good inspite of his snuffles and our gorgeous Monster was really good too inspite of the nasty lady putting 'shampoo' drops in her eyes, ouch! I could definitely have wished for warmer temps but all in all a lovely day with three of my favourite people. Love you all.

    Mum Xx

  2. Oooh, forgot to say how pretty your find today is! Lovely colours.

    Mum Xx